U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Sep 24, 2020

§ 32.7 - Application format, instructions, and guidelines.

Grant Applications will be made using the Office of Management and Budget approved form entitled “Application for Federal Assistance” (short form) - Attachment M. Exhibit M-5 of OMB Circular A-102, Uniform Administrative Requirements for Grants-in-Aid to States and Local Governments. The application form consists of 4 parts. The application shall be prepared in accordance with Attachment M and the following supplemental criteria:

(a) Part III - Program Narrative Statement. Complete a consolidated description of all Grant projects summarizing all Grantee, Sub-grantees, and Contractor projects.

Complete a separate profile for each project location and each residential or non-residential project which will include the following information:

Name of Grantee, Sub-grantee or Contractor for each project.

Type project - Residential or Nonresidential.

The name of the Project Manager/Camp Director.

The project number - Number projects consecutively.

The name and address for the project.

The project location - Show county, nearest city or town, and State.

The land ownership class(es) benefiting from the program - State, county, municipal or other non-Federal public (identify).

The number of enrollees at full project capacity.

The planned start-up date.

The type of work enrollees will engage in - State the primary mission of the project, brief explanation of units of expected accomplishments and any hazards that might be encountered.

The staff - Show official position titles, the tour of duty days and hours, and a brief description of the duties and/or responsibilities for all project staff.

Health and safety - A statement as to the project's conformance to health and safety policies and procedures which are consistent with the standards set forth in the Secretaries' Regulations.

(b) Priority should be given to project proposals according to the following general work categories.

(1) Conservation projects which protect or expand the availability of natural resources and/or enhance the care and use thereof.

(2) Projects designed for general sanitation, clean-up maintenance and/or improvements.