U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jul 11, 2020

§ 4.1286 - Motion for a hearing on an appeal involving issues of fact.

(a) Any party may file a motion that the Board refer a case to an administrative law judge for a hearing. The motion must state:

(1) What specific issues of material fact require a hearing;

(2) What evidence concerning these issues must be presented by oral testimony, or be subject to cross-examination;

(3) What witnesses need to be examined; and

(4) What documentary evidence requires explanation, if any.

(b) In response to a motion under paragraph (a) of this section or on its own initiative, the Board may order a hearing if there are:

(1) Any issues of material fact which, if proved, would alter the disposition of the appeal; or

(2) Significant factual or legal issues remaining to be decided and the record without a hearing would be insufficient for resolving them.

(c) If the Board orders a hearing, it must:

(1) Specify the issues of fact upon which the hearing is to be held; and

(2) Request the administrative law judge to issue:

(i) Proposed findings of fact on the issues presented at the hearing;

(ii) A recommended decision that includes findings of fact and conclusions of law; or

(iii) A decision that will be final for the Department unless a notice of appeal is filed in accordance with § 4.411.

(d) If the Board orders a hearing, it may do one or more of the following:

(1) Suspend the effectiveness of the decision under review pending a final Departmental decision on the appeal if it finds good cause to do so;

(2) Authorize the administrative law judge to specify additional issues; or

(3) Authorize the parties to agree to additional issues that are material, with the approval of the administrative law judge.

(e) The hearing will be conducted under §§ 4.1100, 4.1102 through 4.1115, 4.1121 through 4.1127, and 4.1130 through 4.1141. Unless the Board orders otherwise, the administrative law judge may consider other relevant issues and evidence identified after referral of the case for a hearing.

[75 FR 64669, Oct. 20, 2010]