U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jan 20, 2020

§ 4.1303 - Contents and service of petition.

(a) An individual filing a petition for review of a notice of proposed individual civil penalty assessment shall provide -

(1) A concise statement of the facts entitling the individual to relief;

(2) A copy of the notice of proposed assessment;

(3) A copy of the notice(s) of violation, order(s) or final decision(s) the corporate permittee is charged with failing or refusing to comply with that have been served on the individual by OSM; and

(4) A statement whether the individual requests or waives the opportunity for an evidentiary hearing.

(b) Copies of the petition shall be served in accordance with § 4.1109 (a) and (b) of this part.

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