U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jan 23, 2020

§ 4.1108 - Form of documents.

(a) Any document filed with OHA in any proceeding brought under the act shall be captioned with -

(1) The names of the parties;

(2) The name of the mine to which the document relates; and

(3) If review is being sought under section 525 of the act, identification by number of any notice or order sought to be reviewed.

(b) After a docket number has been assigned to the proceeding by OHA, the caption shall contain such docket number.

(c) The caption may include other information appropriate for identification of the proceeding, including the permit number or OSM identification number.

(d) Each document shall contain a title that identifies the contents of the document following the caption.

(e) The original of any document filed with OHA shall be signed by the person submitting the document or by that person's attorney.

(f) The address and telephone number of the person filing the document or that person's attorney shall appear beneath the signature.

(g) Documents filed under this subpart must conform to the requirements of § 4.401(d).

[43 FR 34386, Aug. 3, 1978, as amended at 75 FR 64669, Oct. 20, 2010]