U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 4.1195 - Determination by the administrative law judge.

(a) Upon a determination by the administrative law judge that a pattern of violations exists or has existed, the administrative law judge shall order the permit either suspended or revoked. In making such a determination, the administrative law judge need not find that all the violations listed in the show cause order occurred, but only that sufficient violations occurred to establish a pattern.

(b) If the permit is suspended, the minimum suspension period shall be 3 working days unless the administrative law judge finds that imposition of the minimum suspension period would result in manifest injustice and would not further the purposes of the act. Also, the administrative law judge may impose preconditions to be satisfied prior to the suspension being lifted.

(c) The decision of the administrative law judge shall be issued within 20 days following the date the hearing record is closed by the administrative law judge or within 20 days of receipt of the answer, if no hearing is requested by any party and the administrative law judge determines that no hearing is necessary.

(d) At any stage of a suspension or revocation proceeding being conducted by an administrative law judge, the parties may enter into a settlement, subject to the approval of the administrative law judge.

[43 FR 34386, Aug. 3, 1978. Redesignated and amended at 67 FR 61510, Oct. 1, 2002]