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§ 351.11 - Functions of committees.

(a) The FRPCC shall assist FEMA in providing policy direction for the program of Federal assistance to State and local governments in their radiological emergency planning and preparedness activities. The FRPCC will establish subcommittees to aid in carrying out its functions; e.g., research, training, emergency instrumentation, transportation, information, education and Federal response. The FRPCC will assist FEMA in resolving issues relating to granting of final FEMA approval of a State plan. The FRPCC will coordinate research and study efforts of its member agencies related to State and local government radiological emergency preparedness to assure minimum duplication and maximum benefits to State and local governments. The FRPCC will also assure that the research efforts of its member agencies are coordinated with the Interagency Radiation Research Committee.

(b) The RACs will assist State and local government officials in the development of their radiological emergency plans and will review these plans and observe exercises to evaluate adequacy of the plans. Each Federal agency member of the RACs will support the functions of these committees by becoming knowledgeable of Federal planning and guidance related to State and local radiological emergency plans, of their counterpart State organizations and personnel, where their agency can assist in improving the preparedness and by participating in RAC meetings.