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§ 351.22 - The Environmental Protection Agency.

(a) Establish Protective Action Guides (PAGs) for all aspects of radiological emergency planning in coordination with appropriate Federal agencies.

(b) Prepare guidance for State and local governments on implementing PAGs, including recommendations on protective actions which can be taken to mitigate the potential radiation dose to the population. This guidance will be presented in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) “Manual of Protective Action Guides and Protective Actions for Nuclear Incidents.” (The preparation of PAGs related to human food and animal feed will be done in coordination with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)/Food and Drug Administration.)

(c) Assist FEMA in developing and promulgating guidance to State and local governments for the preparation of radiological emergency plans.

(d) Assist FEMA with the development, implementation and presentation to the extent that resources permit of technical training for State and local officials regarding PAGs and protective actions, radiation dose assessment and decisionmaking.

(e) Participate with FEMA in assisting State and local governments in developing their radiological emergency plans, evaluating exercises to test plans and evaluating the plans and preparedness.

(f) Assist FEMA in the development of guidance for State and local governments on emergency instrumentation systems for radiation detection and measurement.

(g) Provide representation to and support for the FRPCC and the RACs.

(h) Assist FEMA in developing representative scenarios from which nuclear facility operators and State and local governments may select for use in testing and exercising radiological emergency plans.

(i) Assist FEMA in the development, implementation and maintenance of public information and education programs.