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§ 351.26 - The United States Department of Agriculture.

(a) Assist FEMA in developing and promulgating guidance to State and local governments for the preparation of radiological emergency plans.

(b) Participate with FEMA in assisting State and local governments in developing their radiological emergency plans, evaluating exercises to test plans and reviewing and evaluating the plans and preparedness.

(c) Assist State and local governments in preparing to implement protective actions in food ingestion pathway emergency planning zones around fixed nuclear facilities.

(d) Develop, in coordination with FEMA, the HHS and other Federal agencies, guidance for assisting State and local governments in the production, processing and distribution of food resources under radiological emergency conditions.

(e) Assist FEMA with the development, implementation and presentation to the extent that resources permit of training programs of Federal, State and local radiological emergency personnel.

(f) Provide representation to and support for the FRPCC and the RACs.