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§ 351.28 - The Department of Commerce.

(a) Assist State and local governments in determining their requirements for meteorological and hydrological services for radiological emergencies and assist State and local governments in preparing to meet these requirements within the limits of available resources.

(b) Assist FEMA in developing and promulgating guidance to State and local governments for the preparation of radiological emergency plans.

(c) Participate with FEMA in assisting State and local governments in developing their radiological emergency plans, evaluating exercises to test plans and evaluating the plans and preparedness.

(d) Assist FEMA with the development, implementation and presentation to the extent that resources permit of technical training for State and local officials in the use of meterological information in responding to radiological emergencies.

(e) Provide representation to and support for the FRPCC and the RACs.

(f) Assist FEMA in the development of guidance for State and local governments on the exposure and location of emergency instrumentation systems for radiation detection and measurement.

(g) The Federal Coordinator for Meteorological Services and Supporting Research will, consistent with the provisions of the Office of Management and Budget Circular A–62, serve as the coordinating agent for any multiagency meteorological aspects of assisting State and local governments in their radiological emergency planning and preparedness.