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§ 353.5 - Average cost per FEMA professional staff-hour.

Fees for FEMA services rendered will be calculated based upon the costs for such services using a professional staff rate per hour equivalent to the sum of the average cost to the agency of maintaining a professional staff member performing site-specific services related to the Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program, including salary, benefits, administrative support, travel and overhead. This rate will be charged when FEMA performs such services as: Development of exercise objectives and scenarios, pre-exercise logistics, exercise conduct and participation, evaluation, meetings and reports; review and approval of Plan revisions that are utility-requested or exercise inadequacy related; remedial exercise, medical drill or any other exercise or drill upon which a license is predicated, with regard to preparation, review, conduct, participation, evaluation, meetings and reports; the issuance of interim findings pursuant to the FEMA/NRC Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) (App. A of this part); review of utility plan submissions through the NRC under the MOU; utility certification submission review under 44 CFR part 352 and follow-on activities; site-specific adjudicatory proceedings and any other site-specific legal costs and technical assistance that is utility requested or exercise inadequacy related. The professional staff rate for FY 91 is $39.00 per hour. The referenced FEMA/NRC MOU is provided in this rule as appendix A. The professional staff rate for the REP Program and related legal services will be revised on a fiscal year basis using the most current fiscal data available and the revised hourly rate will be published as a notice in the Federal Register for each fiscal year if the rate increases or decreases.