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§ 65.4 - Right to submit new technical data.

(a) A community has a right to request changes to any of the information shown on an effective map that does not impact flood plain or floodway delineations or base flood elevations, such as community boundary changes, labeling, or planimetric details. Such a submission shall include appropriate supporting documentation in accordance with this part and may be submitted at any time.

(b) All requests for changes to effective maps, other than those initiatedby FEMA, must be made in writing by the Chief Executive Officer of the community (CEO) or an official designated by the CEO. Should the CEO refuse to submit such a request on behalf of another party, FEMA will agree to review it only if written evidence is provided indicating the CEO or designee has been requested to do so.

(c) Requests for changes to effective Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) and Flood Boundary and Floodway Maps (FBFMs) are subject to the cost recovery procedures described in 44 CFR part 72. As indicated in part 72, revisions requested to correct mapping errors or errors in the Flood Insurance Study analysis are not to be subject to the cost-recovery procedures.

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