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§ 65.9 - Review and response by the Administrator.

If any questions or problems arise during review, FEMA will consult the Chief Executive Officer of the community (CEO), the community official designated by the CEO, and/or the requester for resolution. Upon receipt of a revision request, the Federal Insurance Administrator shall mail an acknowledgment of receipt of such request to the CEO. Within 90 days of receiving the request with all necessary information, the Federal Insurance Administrator shall notify the CEO of one or more of the following:

(a) The effective map(s) shall not be modified;

(b) The base flood elevations on the effective FIRM shall be modified and new base flood elevations shall be established under the provisions of part 67 of this subchapter;

(c) The changes requested are approved and the map(s) amended by Letter of Map Revision (LOMR);

(d) The changes requested are approved and a revised map(s) will be printed and distributed;

(e) The changes requested are not of such a significant nature as to warrant a reissuance or revision of the flood insurance study or maps and will be deferred until such time as a significant change occurs;

(f) An additional 90 days is required to evaluate the scientific or technical data submitted; or

(g) Additional data are required to support the revision request.

(h) The required payment has not been submitted in accordance with 44 CFR part 72, no review will be conducted and no determination will be issued until payment is received.

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