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§ 180.10 - Basis and scope.

This part implements section 2718(e) of the Public Health Service (PHS) Act, which requires each hospital operating within the United States, for each year, to establish, update, and make public a list of the hospital's standard charges for items and services provided by the hospital, including for diagnosis-related groups (DRGs) established under section 1886(d)(4) of the Social Security Act. This part also implements section 2718(b)(3) of the PHS Act, to the extent that section authorizes CMS to promulgate regulations for enforcing section 2718(e). This part also implements section 1102(a) of the Social Security Act, which authorizes the Secretary to make and publish rules and regulations, not inconsistent with that Act, as may be necessary to the efficient administration of the functions for which the Secretary is charged under that Act.