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§ 32.12 - Right of action.

(a) The employer of a debtor subject to wage withholding pursuant to this part shall pay to the Department as directed in a withholding order issued under this part.

(b) The Secretary may bring suit against an employer for any amount that the employer fails to withhold from wages owed and payable to a debtor in accordance with §§ 32.6 and 32.8, plus attorney's fees, costs, and, if applicable, punitive damages.

(c) A suit under this section may not be filed before the termination of the collection action involving a particular debtor, unless earlier filing is necessary to avoid expiration of any applicable statute of limitations period. For purposes of this section, “termination of collection action” occurs when the Secretary has terminated collection action in accordance with part 30 of this title, or other applicable law or regulation.

(d) Notwithstanding deemed to occur if from a debtor whose paragraph (c) of this section, termination of the collection action will be a period of one (1) year the Department does not receive any payments wages were subject to a garnishment order issued under this part.