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§ 32.4 - Notice.

(a) Notice requirements. At least 30 days before the initiation of garnishment proceedings, the Secretary shall mail, by first class mail, to the debtor's last known address a written notice informing the debtor of:

(1) The nature and amount of the debt;

(2) The intention of the Secretary to initiate proceedings to collect the debt through deductions from pay until the debt and all accumulated interest, penalties, and administrative costs are paid in full;

(3) The debtor's right—

(i) To inspect and copy Department records related to the debt;

(ii) To enter into a written repayment agreement with the Department under terms agreeable to the Department;

(iii) To a hearing, in accordance with § 32.5, concerning the existence or the amount of the debt or the terms of the proposed repayment schedule under the garnishment order, except that the debtor is not entitled to a hearing concerning the proposed repayment schedule if the terms were established by written agreement pursuant to paragraph (a)(3)(ii) of this section; and

(4) The time frames within which the debtor may exercise his or her rights.

(b) The Secretary will keep a copy of the dated notice. The notice may be retained electronically so long as the manner of retention is sufficient for evidentiary purposes.