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§ 75.301 - Performance measurement.

The HHS awarding agency must require the recipient to use OMB approved standard information collections when providing financial and performance information. As appropriate and in accordance with above mentioned information collections, the HHS awarding agency must require the recipient to relate financial data to performance accomplishments of the Federal award. Also, in accordance with above mentioned standard information collections, and when applicable, recipients must also provide cost information to demonstrate cost effective practices (e.g., through unit cost data). The recipient's performance should be measured in a way that will help the HHS awarding agency and other non-Federal entities to improve program outcomes, share lessons learned, and spread the adoption of promising practices. The HHS awarding agency should provide recipients with clear performance goals, indicators, and milestones as described in § 75.210. Performance reporting frequency and content should be established to not only allow the HHS awarding agency to understand the recipient progress but also to facilitate identification of promising practices among recipients and build the evidence upon which the HHS awarding agency's program and performance decisions are made.