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§ 96.52 - Appeals.

(a) Decisions resulting from repayment hearings held pursuant to § 96.51(a) of this part may be appealed by either the State or the Department to the Grant Appeals Board.

(b) Decisions resulting from offset hearings held pursuant to § 96.51(b) of this part may not be appealed.

(c) Decisions resulting from withholding hearings held pursuant to § 96.51(c) of this part may be appealed to the Secretary by the State or the Department as follows:

(1) An application for appeal must be received by the Secretary no later than 60 days after the appealing party receives a copy of the presiding officer's decision. The application shall clearly identify the questions for which review is sought and shall explain fully the party's position with respect to those questions. A copy shall be furnished to the other party.

(2) The Secretary may permit the filing of opposing briefs, hold informal conferences, or take whatever other steps the Secretary finds appropriate to decide the appeal.

(3) The Secretary may refer an application for appeal to the Grant Appeals Board. Notwithstanding part 16 of this title, in the event of such a referral, the Board shall issue a recommended decision that will not become final until affirmed, reversed, or modified by the Secretary.

(d) Any appeal to the Grant Appeals Board under this section shall be governed by part 16 of this title except that the Board shall not hold a hearing. The Board shall accept any findings with respect to credibility of witnesses made by the presiding officer. The Board may otherwise review and supplement the record as provided for in part 16 of this title and decide the issues raised.