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§ 96.112 - Community services block grant.

(a) For the fiscal year beginning October 1, 1981, only, a State may choose to operate programs under the community services block grant or, instead, have the Secretary operate the programs replaced by the block grant. If a State does not notify the Secretary in accordance with the statutory deadlines each quarter, it will be deemed to have requested the Secretary to operate the programs for the following quarter.

(b) A State or territory that does not have any eligible entity” as that term is defined in section 673(1) of the Reconciliation Act (42 U.S.C. 9902), as amended by section 17 of Pub. L. 97-115 (December 19, 1981), or any other entity for which funding is allowed under section 138 of Pub. L. 97-276, may distribute its allotment for the Fiscal Year beginning October 1, 1982 according to section 675(c)(2)(A)(ii) of the Reconciliation Act.

(c) For any quarter in which the Secretary administers the programs, the Department's administration costs will be deducted from the State's allotment. The Department's total administration costs for making grants during fiscal year 1982 and for any monitoring of these grants in fiscal year 1983 will be deducted from each State's allotment in proportion to the total amount of grants awarded from the allotment during the period of administration by the Department (but not to exceed 5 percent of the State's fiscal year 1982 allotment).

[47 FR 29486, July 6, 1982, as amended at 48 FR 9271, Mar. 4, 1983]