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§ 96.131 - Treatment services for pregnant women.

(a) The State is required to, in accordance with this section, ensure that each pregnant woman in the State who seeks or is referred for and would benefit from such services is given preference in admissions to treatment facilities receiving funds pursuant to the grant. In carrying out this section, the State shall require all entities that serve women and who receive such funds to provide preference to pregnant women. Programs which serve an injecting drug abuse population and who receive Block Grant funds shall give preference to treatment as follows:

(1) Pregnant injecting drug users;

(2) Pregnant substance abusers;

(3) Injecting drug users; and

(4) All others.

(b) The State will, in carrying out this provision publicize the availability to such women of services from the facilities and the fact that pregnant women receive such preference. This may be done by means of street outreach programs, ongoing public service announcements (radio/television), regular advertisements in local/regional print media, posters placed in targeted areas, and frequent notification of availability of such treatment distributed to the network of community based organizations, health care providers, and social service agencies.

(c) The State shall in carrying out paragraph (a) of this section require that, in the event that a treatment facility has insufficient capacity to provide treatment services to any such pregnant woman who seeks the services from the facility, the facility refer the woman to the State. This may be accomplished by establishing a capacity management program, utilizing a toll-free number, an automated reporting system and/or other mechanisms to ensure that pregnant women in need of such services are referred as appropriate. The State shall maintain a continually updated system to identify treatment capacity for any such pregnant women and will establish a mechanism for matching the women in need of such services with a treatment facility that has the capacity to treat the woman.

(d) The State, in the case of each pregnant woman for whom a referral under paragraph (a) of this section is made to the State—

(1) will refer the woman to a treatment facility that has the capacity to provide treatment services to the woman; or

(2) will, if no treatment facility has the capacity to admit the woman, make available interim services, including a referral for prenatal care, available to the woman not later than 48 hours after the woman seeks the treatment services.

(e) Procedures for the implementation of this section shall be developed in consultation with the State Medical Director for Substance Abuse Services.

(f) The State shall develop effective strategies for monitoring programs compliance with this section. States shall report under the requirements of § 96.122(g) on the specific strategies to be used to identify compliance problems and corrective actions to be taken to address those problems.