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§ 96.133 - Submission to Secretary of Statewide assessment of needs.

(a) The State is required to submit to the Secretary an assessment of the need in the State for authorized activities, both by locality and by the State in general. The State is to provide a broad range of information which includes the following:

(1) The State is to submit data which shows the incidence and prevalence in the State of drug abuse and the incidence and prevalence in the State of alcohol abuse and alcoholism. For fiscal years 1993 through 1996, the State shall submit its best available data on the incidence and prevalence of drug and alcohol abuse and alcoholism. The State shall also provide a summary describing the weakness and bias in the data and a description on how the State plans to strengthen the data in the future.

(2) The State shall provide a description on current substance abuse prevention and treatment activities:

(i) For fiscal year 1993, the State shall provide its best available data on current prevention and treatment activities in the State in such detail as it finds reasonably practicable given its own data collection activities and records.

(ii) For fiscal year 1994 and subsequent years, the State shall provide a detailed description on current prevention and treatment activities in the State. This report shall include a detailed description of the intended use of the funds relating to prevention and treatment, as well as a description of treatment capacity. As to primary prevention activities, the activities must be broken down by strategies used, such as those provided in section 96.125, including the specific activities conducted. The State shall provide the following data if available: the specific risk factors being addressed by activity; the age, race/ethnicity and gender of the population being targeted by the prevention activity; and the community size and type where the activity is carried out. As to all treatment and prevention activities, including primary prevention, the State shall provide the identities of the entities that provide the services and describe the services provided. The State shall submit information on treatment utilization to describe the type of care and the utilization according to primary diagnosis of alcohol or drug abuse, or a dual diagnosis of drug and alcohol abuse.

(3) The State may describe the need for technical assistance to carry out Block Grant activities, including activities relating to the collection of incidence and prevalence data identified in paragraph (a)(1) of this section.

(4) The State shall establish goals and objectives for improving substance abuse treatment and prevention activities and shall report activities taken in support of these goals and objectives in its application.

(5) The State shall submit a detailed description on the extent to which the availability of prevention and treatment activities is insufficient to meet the need for the activities, the interim services to be made available under sections 96.126 and 96.131, and the manner in which such services are to be so available. Special attention should be provided to the following groups:

(i) Pregnant addicts;

(ii) Women who are addicted and who have dependent children;

(iii) Injecting drug addicts; and

(iv) Substance abusers infected with HIV or who have tuberculosis.

(6) Documentation describing the results of the State's management information system pertaining to capacity and waiting lists shall also be submitted, as well as a summary of such information for admissions and, when available, discharges. As to prevention activities, the report shall include a description of the populations at risk of becoming substance abusers.