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§ 614.5 - Public announcement.

(a) Except as provided in paragraphs (c) and (d) of this section, the National Science Board will make a public announcement of each Board meeting at least one week before the meeting takes place. The announcement will cover:

(1) The time, place, and subject matter of the meeting;

(2) What portions of the meeting, if any, are to be closed to the public; and

(3) The name and telephone number of the official designated to respond to requests for information on the meeting.

(b) Each such announcement will be promptly posted on the National Science Foundation's Web site at Immediately following the issuance of such an announcement, it will be submitted for publication in the Federal Register.

(c) The announcement may be made less than a week before the meeting it announces or after the meeting only if (1) the Board by record vote determines that agency business requires the meeting to be called on such short or after-the-fact notice and (2) an announcement is made at the earliest practicable time.

(d) All or any portion of the announcement of any meeting may be omitted if the Board by record vote determines that the announcement would disclose information which should be withheld under the same standards as apply for closing meetings under § 614.2.

[42 FR 14719, Mar. 16, 1977, as amended at 75 FR 40755, July 14, 2010]