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§ 614.7 - Record vote.

(a) For purposes of this part a vote of the National Science Board is a “record vote” if:

(1) It carries by a majority of all those holding office as Board Members at the time of the vote;

(2) No proxies are counted toward the necessary majority; and

(3) The individual vote of each Member present and voting is recorded.

(b) Within one day of any such record vote or any attempted record vote that fails to achieve the necessary majority under paragraph (a)(1) of this section, the Board Office will make publicly available a written record showing the vote of each Member on the question.

(c) Within one day of any record vote under which any portion or portions of a Board meeting are to be closed to the public, the Board Office will make available a full written explanation of the Board's action and a list of all persons expected to attend the meeting, showing their affiliations.