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§ 615.6 - Legal proceedings between private litigants: Procedure when demand is made.

(a) Whenever an employee is served with a demand to testify in his or her official capacity, or to produce official records and information, the employee shall immediately notify the General Counsel.

(b) The General Counsel shall review the demand and, in accordance with the provisions of § 615.5, determine whether, or on what conditions, to authorize the employee to testify and/or produce official records and information.

(c) If a response to a demand is required before the General Counsel has made the determination referred to in § 615.6(b), the General Counsel shall provide the court or other competent authority with a copy of this part, inform the court or other competent authority that the demand is being reviewed, and seek a stay of the demand pending a final determination. If the court fails to stay the demand, the employee must appear at the stated time and place, produce a copy of this part, and respectfully decline to comply with the demand. “United States ex rel Touhy v. Ragen,” 340 US 462 (1951).

(d) If a court or other competent authority orders that a demand be complied with notwithstanding a final decision by the General Counsel to the contrary, or at any other stage in the process, the General Counsel may take steps to arrange for legal representation for the employee, and shall advise the employee on how to respond to the demand.