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§ 660.11 - What are the Director's obligations in interstate situations?

(a) The Director is responsible for:

(1) Identifying proposed Federal financial assistance and direct Federal development that have an impact on interstate areas;

(2) Notifying appropriate officials and entities in states which have adopted a process and which select the Foundation's program or activity.

(3) Making efforts to identify and notify the affected state, areawide, regional, and local officials and entities in those states that have not adopted a process under the Order or do not select the Foundation's program or activity;

(4) Responding pursuant to § 660.10 of this part if the Director receives a recommendation from a designated areawide agency transmitted by a single point of contact, in cases in which the review, coordination, and communication with the Foundation have been delegated.

(b) The Director uses the procedures in § 660.10 if a state process provides a state process recommendation to the Foundation through a single point of contact.