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§ 660.6 - What procedures apply to the selection of programs and activities under these regulations?

(a) A state may select any program or activity published in the Federal Register in accordance with § 660.3 of this part for intergovernmental review under these regulations. Each state, before selecting programs and activities, shall consult with local elected officials.

(b) Each state that adopts a process shall notify the Director of the Foundation's programs and activities selected for that process.

(c) A state may notify the Director of changes in its selections at any time. For each change, the state shall submit to the Director an assurance that the state has consulted with elected local elected officials regarding the change. The Foundation may establish deadlines by which states are required to inform the Director of changes in their program selections.

(d) The Director uses a state's process as soon as feasible, depending on individual programs and activities, after the Director is notified of its selections.