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§ 660.7 - How does the Director communicate with state and local officials concerning the Foundation's programs and activities?

(a) For those programs and activities covered by a state process under § 660.6, the Director, to the extent permitted by law:

(1) Uses the state process to determine views of state and local elected officials; and

(2) Communicates with state and local elected officials, through the state process, as early in a program planning cycle as is reasonably feasible to explain specific plans and actions.

(b) The Director provides notice to directly affected state, areawide, regional, and local entities in a state of proposed Federal financial assistance or direct Federal development if:

(1) The state has not adopted a process under the Order; or

(2) The assistance or development involves a program or activity not selected for the state process.

This notice may be made by publication in the Federal Register or other appropriate means, which the Foundation in its discretion deems appropriate.