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§ 503.6 - Determination of requests for access to records.

(a) Upon request made in accordance with § 503.5, the Administrative Officer will:

(1) Determine whether or not the request will be granted;

(2) Make that determination and provide notification within a reasonable period of time after receipt of the request.

(b) If access to a record is denied because information has been compiled by the Commission in reasonable anticipation of a civil or criminal action or proceeding, the Administrative Officer will notify the individual of that determination and the reason therefor.

(c) If access to the record is granted, the individual making the request must notify the Administrative Officer whether the record requested is to be copied and mailed to the individual.

(d) If a record is to be made available for personal inspection, the individual must arrange with the Administrative Officer a mutually agreeable time and place for inspection of the record.