U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jul 13, 2020

§ 504.1 - Claim defined.

(a) This subchapter is included solely in order to provide for the adjudication of any additional claims that may arise on behalf of survivors of deceased civilians and military veterans who had been listed as missing during the Vietnam conflict but were subsequently determined to have been interned, in hiding, or captured by a hostile force in Southeast Asia (see § 504.2(a)(3) and (b)(3)). The Commission no longer has authority to receive or consider any other types of claims based on the internment of civilians or the maltreatment of military servicemen held as prisoners of war by forces hostile to the United States.

(b) A properly completed and executed application made on an official form provided by the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission for such purpose constitutes a claim and will be processed under the laws administered by the Commission.

(c) Any communication, letter, note, or memorandum from a claimant, or the claimant's duly authorized representative, or a person acting as next friend of a claimant who is not legally competent, setting forth sufficient facts to apprise the Commission of an interest to apply under the provisions of sections 5(i) and 6(f) of the Act, will be deemed to be an informal claim. Where an informal claim is received and an official form is forwarded for completion and execution by the applicant, that official form will be considered as evidence necessary to complete the initial claim, and unless that official form is received within thirty (30) days from the date it was transmitted for execution, if the claimant resides in the continental United States, or forty-five (45) days if outside the continental United States, the claim may be disallowed.