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§ 1159.10 - How can I pursue amendments to or corrections of an Endowment record?

(a) You are entitled to request amendments to or corrections of records pertaining to you pursuant to the provisions of the Privacy Act, including 5 U.S.C. 552a(d)(2). Such a request should be made in writing and addressed to the Office of the General Counsel (see § 1159.3 of this part).

(b) Your request for amendments or corrections should specify the following:

(1) The particular record that you are seeking to amend or correct;

(2) The Endowment system from which the record was retrieved;

(3) The precise correction or amendment you desire, preferably in the form of an edited copy of the record reflecting the desired modification; and

(4) Your reasons for requesting amendment or correction of the record.

(c) The Endowment will acknowledge a request for amendment or correction of a record within 10 business days of its receipt, unless the request can be processed and the individual informed of the General Counsel's decision on the request within that 10-day period.

(d) If after receiving and investigating your request, the General Counsel agrees that the record is not accurate, timely, or complete, based on a preponderance of the evidence, then the record will be corrected or amended promptly. The record will be deleted without regard to its accuracy, if the record is not relevant or necessary to accomplish the Endowment function for which the record was provided or is maintained. In either case, you will be informed in writing of the amendment, correction, or deletion. In addition, if accounting was made of prior disclosures of the record, all previous recipients of the record will be informed of the corrective action taken.

(e) If after receiving and investigating your request, the General Counsel does not agree that the record should be amended or corrected, you will be informed promptly in writing of the refusal to amend or correct the record and the reason for this decision. You will also be informed that you may appeal this refusal in accordance with § 1159.11 of this part.

(f) Requests to amend or correct a record governed by the regulations of another agency will be forwarded to such agency for processing, and you will be informed in writing of this referral.