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§ 1169.4 - Procedures for determining if an individual is the subject of an NEH record.

(a) NEH has published notice of its systems of records in the Federal Register and also has made such information available on the privacy program page of the NEH website. Any individual desiring to know whether a specific system of records contains a record pertaining to him or her should address such inquiries in writing to the Office of the General Counsel at the email or physical address identified in § 1169.3.

(b) The written inquiry described in § 1169.4(a) should refer to the specific system or systems of records listed in the NEH Notice of Systems of Records, or describe the type of record in sufficient detail reasonably to identify the relevant system of records.

(c) At a minimum, the request should contain sufficient identifying information to allow NEH to determine if there is a record pertaining to the individual making the request in a particular system of records. NEH reserves the right to solicit from an individual submitting such inquiry proof of identification, depending upon the sensitivity of the request.

(d) NEH will attempt to respond to an inquiry regarding whether a record exists within 10 business days of receiving the inquiry, or 10 business days from the time any required identification is established, whichever is later. Such a response will contain or reference the procedures that the individual must follow in order to gain access to any such records.