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§ 2508.13 - What are the procedures for acquiring access to Corporation records by an individual about whom a record is maintained?

(a) Any request for access to records from any individual about whom a record is maintained will be addressed to the Corporation for National and Community Service, Office of the General Counsel, Attn: Privacy Act Officer, 250 E Street SW., Washington, DC 20525, or delivered in person during regular business hours, whereupon access to his or her record, or to any information contained therein, if determined to be releasable, shall be provided.

(b) If the request is made in person, such individual may, upon his or her request, be accompanied by a person of his or her choosing to review the record and shall be provided an opportunity to have a copy made of any record about such individual.

(c) A record may be disclosed to a representative chosen by the individual as to whom a record is maintained upon the proper written consent of such individual.

(d) A request made in person will be promptly complied with if the records sought are in the immediate custody of the Corporation. Mailed requests or personal requests for documents in storage or otherwise not immediately available, will be acknowledged within 10 working days, and the information requested will be promptly provided thereafter.

(e) With regard to any request for disclosure of a record, the following procedures shall apply:

(1) Medical or psychological records shall be disclosed to an individual unless, in the judgment of the Corporation, access to such records might have an adverse effect upon such individual. When such determination has been made, the Corporation may require that the information be disclosed only to a physician chosen by the requesting individual. Such physician shall have full authority to disclose all or any portion of such record to the requesting individual in the exercise of his or her professional judgment.

(2) Test material and copies of certificates or other lists of eligibles or any other listing, the disclosure of which would violate the privacy of any other individual, or be otherwise exempted by the provisions of the Privacy Act, shall be removed from the record before disclosure to any individual to whom the record pertains.

[64 FR 19294, Apr. 20, 1999, as amended at 81 FR 12600, Mar. 10, 2016]