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§ 2508.15 - What are the procedures for requesting inspection of, amendment or correction to, or appeal of an individual's records maintained by the Corporation other than that individual's official personnel file?

(a) A request for inspection of any record shall be made to the Director, Administration and Management Services. Such request may be made by mail or in person provided, however, that requests made in person may be required to be made upon a form provided by the Director of Administration and Management Services who shall keep a current list of all systems of records maintained by the Corporation and published in accordance with the provisions of this regulation. However, the request need not be in writing if the individual makes his or her request in person. The requesting individual may request that the Corporation compile all records pertaining to such individual at any named Service Center/State Office, AmeriCorps*NCCC Campus, or at Corporation Headquarters in Washington, DC, for the individual's inspection and/or copying. In the event an individual makes such request for a compilation of all records pertaining to him or her in various locations, appropriate time for such compilation shall be provided as may be necessary to promptly comply with such requests.

(b) Any such requests should contain, at a minimum, identifying information needed to locate any given record and a brief description of the item or items of information required in the event the individual wishes to see less than all records maintained about him or her.

(1) In the event an individual, after examination of his or her record, desires to request an amendment or correction of such records, the request must be submitted in writing and addressed to the Corporation for National and Community Service, Office of the General Counsel, Attn: Privacy Act Officer, 250 E Street SW., Washington, DC 20525. In his or her written request, the individual shall specify:

(i) The system of records from which the record is retrieved;

(ii) The particular record that he or she is seeking to amend or correct;

(iii) Whether he or she is seeking an addition to or a deletion or substitution of the record; and,

(iv) His or her reasons for requesting amendment or correction of the record.

(2) A request for amendment or correction of a record will be acknowledged within 10 working days of its receipt unless the request can be processed and the individual informed of the Privacy Act Officer's decision on the request within that 10 day period.

(3) If the Privacy Act Officer agrees that the record is not accurate, timely, or complete, based on a preponderance of the evidence, the record will be corrected or amended. The record will be deleted without regard to its accuracy, if the record is not relevant or necessary to accomplish the Corporation's function for which the record was provided or is maintained. In either case, the individual will be informed in writing of the amendment, correction, or deletion and, if accounting was made of prior disclosures of the record, all previous recipients of the record will be informed of the corrective action taken.

(4) If the Privacy Act Officer does not agree that the record should be amended or corrected, the individual will be informed in writing of the refusal to amend or correct the record. He or she will also be informed that he or she may appeal the refusal to amend or correct his or her record in accordance with § 2508.17.

(5) Requests to amend or correct a record governed by the regulation of another government agency will be forwarded to such government agency for processing and the individual will be informed in writing of the referral.

(c) In the event an individual disagrees with the Privacy Act Officer's initial determination, he or she may appeal such determination to the Appeal Officer in accordance with § 2508.17. Such request for review must be made within 30 days after receipt by the requestor of the initial refusal to amend.

[64 FR 19294, Apr. 20, 1999, as amended at 81 FR 12601, Mar. 10, 2016]