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§ 2508.17 - When shall fees be charged and at what rate?

(a) No fees shall be charged for search time or for any other time expended by the Corporation to review or produce a record except where an individual requests that a copy be made of the record to which he or she is granted access. Where a copy of the record must be made in order to provide access to the record (e.g., computer printout where no screen reading is available), the copy will be made available to the individual without cost.

(b) The applicable fee schedule is as follows:

(1) Each copy of each page, up to 8 1/2″ × 14″, made by photocopy or similar process is $0.10 per page.

(2) Each copy of each microform frame printed on paper is $0.25.

(3) Each aperture card is $0.25.

(4) Each 105-mm fiche is $0.25.

(5) Each 100′ foot role of 35-mm microfilm is $7.00.

(6) Each 100′ foot role of 16-mm microfilm is $6.00.

(7) Each page of computer printout without regard to the number of carbon copies concurrently printed is $0.20.

(8) Copying records not susceptible to photocopying (e.g., punch cards or magnetic tapes), at actual cost to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

(9) Other copying forms (e.g., typing or printing) will be charged at direct costs, including personnel and equipment costs.

(c) All copying fees shall be paid by the individual before the copying will be undertaken. Payments shall be made by check or money order payable to the “Corporation for National and Community Service,” and provided to the Privacy Act Officer processing the request.

(d) A copying fee shall not be charged or collected, or alternatively, it may be reduced, when it is determined by the Privacy Act Officer, based on a petition, that the petitioning individual is indigent and that the Corporation's resources permit a waiver of all or part of the fee. An individual is deemed to be indigent when he or she is without income or lacks the resources sufficient to pay the fees.

(e) Special and additional services provided at the request of the individual, such as certification or authentication, postal insurance and special mailing arrangement costs, will be charged to the individual.

(f) A copying fee totaling $5.00 or less shall be waived, but the copying fees for contemporaneous requests by the same individual shall be aggregated to determine the total fee.