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§ 2508.6 - When will the Corporation publish a notice for new routine uses of information in its system of records?

At least 30 days prior to publication of information under the preceding section, the Corporation shall publish in the Federal Register a notice of its intention to establish any new routine use of any system of records maintained by it with an opportunity for public comments on such use. Such notice shall contain the following:

(a) The name of the system of records for which the routine use is to be established.

(b) The authority for the system.

(c) The purpose for which the record is to be maintained.

(d) The proposed routine use(s).

(e) The purpose of the routine use(s).

(f) The categories of recipients of such use. In the event of any request for an addition to the routine uses of the systems which the Corporation maintains, such request may be sent to the following office: Office of the General Counsel, Corporation for National and Community Service, 250 E Street SW., Washington, DC 20525.

[64 FR 19294, Apr. 20, 1999, as amended at 81 FR 12600, Mar. 10, 2016]