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§ 2518.110 - What are the functions of a Service-Learning Clearinghouse?

An organization that receives assistance from funds appropriated to carry out the activities listed under parts 2531 through 2534 of this chapter may—

(a) Assist entities carrying out State or local service-learning programs with needs assessments and planning;

(b) Conduct research and evaluations concerning service-learning;

(c)(1) Provide leadership development and training to State and local service-learning program administrators, supervisors, project sponsors, and participants; and

(2) Provide training to persons who can provide the leadership development and training described in paragraph (c)(1) of this section;

(d) Facilitate communication among entities carrying out service-learning programs and participants in such programs;

(e) Provide information, curriculum materials, and technical assistance relating to planning and operation of service-learning programs, to States and local entities eligible to receive financial assistance under this title;

(f) Provide information regarding methods to make service-learning programs accessible to individuals with disabilities;

(g)(1) Gather and disseminate information on successful service-learning programs, components of such successful programs, innovative youth skills curricula related to service-learning, and service-learning projects; and

(2) Coordinate the activities of the Clearinghouse with appropriate entities to avoid duplication of effort;

(h) Make recommendations to State and local entities on quality controls to improve the quality of service-learning programs;

(i) Assist organizations in recruiting, screening, and placing service-learning coordinators; and

(j) Carry out such other activities as the Chief Executive Officer determines to be appropriate.

[59 FR 13792, Mar. 23, 1994, as amended at 75 FR 51409, Aug. 20, 2010]