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§ 2521.70 - To what extent may the Corporation waive the matching requirements in §and 2521.60 of this part?

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(a) The Corporation may waive, in whole or in part, the requirements of §§ 2521.45 and 2521.60 of this part if the Corporation determines that a waiver would be equitable because of a lack of available financial resources at the local level.

(b) If you are requesting a waiver, you must demonstrate:

(1) The lack of resources at the local level;

(2) That the lack of resources in your local community is unique or unusual;

(3) The efforts you have made to raise matching resources; and

(4) The amount of matching resources you have raised or reasonably expect to raise.

(c) You must provide with your waiver request:

(1) A request for the specific amount of match you are requesting that the Corporation waive; and

(2) A budget and budget narrative that reflects the requested level in matching resources.

[70 FR 39598, July 8, 2005]