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§ 2550.10 - What is the purpose of this part?

(a) The Corporation for National and Community Service (the Corporation) seeks to meet the Nation's pressing human, educational, environmental and public safety needs through service and to reinvigorate the ethic of civic responsibility across the Nation. If the Corporation is to meet these goals, it is critical for each of the States to be actively involved.

(b) To be eligible to apply for program funding, or approved national service positions, each State must establish a State commission on national and community service to administer the State program grant making process and to develop a State plan. The Corporation may, in some instances, approve an alternative administrative entity (AAE).

(c) The Corporation will distribute grants of between $125,000 and $750,000 to States to cover the Federal share of operating the State commissions or AAEs.

(d) The purpose of this part is to provide States with the basic information essential to participate in the subtitle C programs. Of equal importance, this part gives an explanation of the preliminary steps States must take in order to receive money from the Corporation. This part also offers guidance on which of the two State entities States should seek to establish, and it explains the composition requirements, duties, responsibilities, restrictions, and other relevant information for State commissions and AAEs.

[58 FR 60981, Nov. 18, 1993, as amended at 67 FR 45362, July 9, 2002; 70 FR 39607, July 8, 2005]