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§ 2550.30 - How does a State decide whether to establish a State commission or an alternative administrative entity?

(a) Although each State's chief executive officer has the authority to select an administrative option, the Corporation strongly encourages States to establish State Commissions which meet the requirements in this part as quickly as possible. The requirements for State Commissions were established to try to create informed and effective entities.

(b) The Corporation recognizes that some States, for legal or other legitimate reasons, may not be able to meet all of the requirements of the State Commissions. The AAE is essentially the same as a State Commission; however, it may be exempt from some of the State Commission requirements. A State that cannot meet one of the waivable requirements of the State Commission (as explained in § 2550.60), and which can demonstrate this to the Corporation, should seek to establish an AAE.

(c) Regardless of which entity a State employs, each State is required to solicit broad-based, local input in an open, inclusive, non-political planning process.

[58 FR 60981, Nov. 18, 1993, as amended at 70 FR 39607, July 8, 2005]