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§ 2550.40 - How does a State obtain Corporation authorization and approval for the entity it has chosen?

(a) To receive approval of a State Commission or AAE, a State must formally establish an entity that meets the corresponding composition, membership, authority, and duty requirements of this part. (For the AAE, a State must demonstrate why it is impossible or unreasonable to estalbish a State Commission; an approved AAE, however, has the same rights and responsibilities as a State Commission.) Once the entity is established, the State must provide written notice—in a format to be prescribed by the Corporation—to the chief executive officer of the Corporation of the composition, membership, and authorities of the State Commission or AAE and explain how the entity will perform its duties and functions. Further, the State must agree to, first, request approval from the Corporation for any subsequent changes in the composition or duties of a State Commission or AAE the State may wish to make, and, second, to comply with any future changes in Corporation requirements with regard to the composition or duties of a State Commission or AAE. If a State meets the applicable requirements, the Corporation will approve the State Commission or AAE.

(b) If the Corporation rejects a State application for approval of a State Commission or AAE because that application does not meet one or more of the requirements of §§ 2250.50 or 2550.60, it will notify the State of the reasons for rejection and offer assistance to make any necessary changes. The Corporation will reconsider revised applications within 14 working days of resubmission.

[58 FR 60981, Nov. 18, 1993, as amended at 70 FR 39607, July 8, 2005]