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§ 197.404 - Responsibilities of the diving supervisor.

(a) The diving supervisor shall -

(1) Be fully cognizant of the provisions of this subpart;

(2) Be fully cognizant of the provisions of the operations manual required by § 197.420;

(3) Insure that diving operations conducted from a vessel or facility subject to this subpart meet the regulations in this subpart;

(4) Prior to the commencement of any commercial diving operation, provide the report required by § 197.402 to the person-in-charge;

(5) Coordinate with the person-in-charge any changes that are made to the report required by § 197.402; and

(6) Promptly notify the person-in-charge of any diving related casualty, accident, or injury.

(b) The diving supervisor is in charge of the planning and execution of the diving operation including the responsibility for the safety and health of the dive team.