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§ 199.155 - Lifeboat launching and recovery arrangements.

Lifeboat launching and recovery arrangements, in addition to meeting the requirements in §§ 199.150 and 199.153, must meet the following requirements:

(a) Each lifeboat must be provided with a launching appliance. The launching appliance must be capable of launching and recovering the lifeboat with its crew.

(b) Each launching appliance arrangement must allow the operator on the vessel to observe the lifeboat at all times during recovery.

(c) Each launching appliance arrangement must be designed to ensure persons can safely disembark from the survival craft prior to its stowage.

(d) Each lifeboat, other than a totally enclosed lifeboat, must be provided with a davit span with not less than two lifelines of sufficient length to reach the water with the vessel in its lightest seagoing condition, under unfavorable conditions of trim, and with the vessel listed up to 20 degrees either way.