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§ 199.60 - Communications.

(a) Radio lifesaving appliances. Radio lifesaving appliance installations and arrangements must meet the requirements of 47 CFR part 80.

(b) Emergency position indicating radiobeacons (EPIRB) and search and rescue transponders (SART). Each EPIRB and SART should have the name of the vessel plainly marked or painted on its label, except for EPIRBs or SARTs in an inflatable liferaft or permanently installed in a survival craft.

(c) Distress signals. Each vessel must -

(1) Carry not less than 12 rocket parachute flares approved under approval series 160.136; and

(2) Stow the flares on or near the vessel's navigating bridge.

(d) Onboard communications and alarm systems. Each vessel must meet the requirements for onboard communications between emergency control stations, muster and embarkation stations, and strategic positions on board. Each vessel must also meet the emergency alarm system requirements in subchapter J of this chapter, which must be supplemented by either a public address system or other suitable means of communication.