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§ 28.875 - Radar, depth sounding, and auto-pilot.

(a) Each vessel must be fitted with a general marine radar system for surface navigation with a radar screen mounted at the operating station, and facilities on the bridge for plotting radar readings.

(b) Each vessel must be fitted with a suitable echo depth sounding device.

(c) Except as provided in 33 CFR § 164.15, when the automatic pilot is used in areas of high traffic density, conditions of restricted visibility, and all other hazardous navigational situations, the master or person in charge shall ensure that:

(1) It is possible to immediately establish manual control of the unit's steering:

(2) A competent person is ready at all times to take over steering control; and

(3) The changeover from automatic to manual steering and vice versa is made by, or under the supervision of, the officer of the watch.