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§ 6.04 - Vessels requisitioned by the United States for emergency evacuation.

Pursuant to the request of the Acting Secretary of Defense, dated November 21, 1951, made under the provisions of section 1 of Public Law 891, 81st Congress, approved December 27, 1950, compliance with the provisions of the navigation and vessel inspection laws administered by the United States Coast Guard is hereby waived, as well as the regulations issued thereunder and published in 33 CFR chapter I or in this chapter, to the extent necessary to permit the operation of vessels which might be requisitioned by the United States for the purpose of emergency evacuation.

[CGFR 51-61, 16 FR 12792, Dec. 20, 1951. Redesignated by CGFR 69-123, 34 FR 19076, Dec. 2, 1969]