U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 97.35-5 - Actions required to be logged.

The actions and observations noted in this section shall be entered in the official log book. This section contains no requirements which are not made in other portions of this subchapter, the items being merely grouped together for convenience.

(a) Onboard training, musters, and drills: held in accordance with subchapter W (Lifesaving appliances and Arrangements) of this chapter.

(b) Steering Gear, Whistle, and Means of Communication. Prior to departure. See § 97.15-3.

(c) Drafts and Load Line Markings. Prior to leaving port, ocean, coastwise, and Great Lakes services only. See § 97.15-5.

(d) Verification of vessel compliance with applicable stability requirements. After loading and prior to departure and at all other times necessary to assure the safety of the vessel. See § 97.15-7.

(e) Loading doors. Where applicable, every closing and any opening when not docked. See § 97.15-17.

(f) Hatches and other openings. All openings and closings, or leaving port without closing. Except vessels on protected waters. See § 97.15-20.

(g) Emergency Lighting and Power Systems. Weekly and semi-annually. See § 97.15-30.

(h) Fuel oil data: Upon receipt of fuel oil on board. See § 97.15-55.

(i) Cargo gear inspections: At least once a month. See § 91.37-70 of this subchapter.

(j) Inflatable hopper gate seals. Where installed to comply with subpart G of part 172 of this chapter after each carriage of cargo. See § 97.15-75.

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