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§ 25.258 - Sharing between NGSO MSS feeder-link stations and GSO FSS services in the 29.25-29.5 GHz band.

(a) Operators of NGSO MSS feeder link earth stations and GSO FSS earth stations in the band 29.25 to 29.5 GHz where both services have a co-primary allocation shall cooperate fully in order to coordinate their systems. During the coordination process both service operators shall exchange the necessary technical parameters required for coordination.

(b) Licensed GSO FSS earth stations in the vicinity of operational NGSO MSS feeder-link earth station complexes must, to the maximum extent possible, operate with frequency/polarization selections that will minimize unacceptable interference with reception of GSO FSS and NGSO MSS uplink transmissions in the 29.25-29.5 GHz band. Earth station licensees operating with GSO FSS systems shall be capable of providing earth station locations to support coordination of NGSO MSS feeder link stations under paragraphs (a) and (c) of this section. Operation of ubiquitously deployed GSO FSS earth stations in the 29.25-29.5 GHz frequency band must conform to the rules contained in § 25.218(i).

(c) Applicants for authority to use the 29.25-29.5 GHz band for NGSO MSS feeder uplinks will have to demonstrate that their systems can share with GSO FSS and NGSO MSS systems that have been authorized for operation in that band.

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