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§ 25.403 - Bidding application and certification procedures.

Submission of Supplemental Application Information. In order to be eligible to bid, each pending applicant must timely submit certain supplemental information. All supplemental information shall be filed by the applicant five days after publication of these rules in the Federal Register. The supplemental information must be certified and include the following:

(a) Applicant's name;

(b) Mailing Address (no Post Office boxes);

(c) City;

(d) State;

(e) ZIP Code;

(f) Auction Number 15;

(g) FCC Account Number;

(h) Person(s) authorized to make or withdraw a bid (list up to three individuals);

(i) Certifications and name and title of person certifying the information provided;

(j) Applicant's contact person and such person's telephone number, E-mail address and FAX number; and

(k) Signature and date.