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§ 74.14 - Service or program tests.

(a) Upon completion of construction of a radio station in accordance with the terms of the construction permit, the technical provisions of the application therefor, technical requirements of this chapter, and applicable engineering standards, and when an application for station license has been filed showing the station to be in satisfactory operating condition, the permittee or any class of station listed in this part may, without further authority of the Commission, conduct service or program tests.

(b) Program test authority for stations authorized under this part will continue valid during Commission consideration of the application for license and during this period further extension of the construction permit is not required. Program test authority shall be automatically terminated with final action on the application for station license.

(c) The authorization for tests embodied in this section shall not be construed as approval by the Commission of the application for station license.

[38 FR 18378, July 10, 1973]