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§ 74.403 - Frequency selection to avoid interference.

(a) Where two or more remote pickup broadcast station licensees are authorized to operate on the same frequency or group of frequencies in the same area and when simultaneous operation is contemplated, the licensees shall endeavor to select frequencies or schedule operation in such manner as to avoid mutual interference. If mutual agreement to this effect cannot be reached the Commission shall be notified and it will specify the frequency or frequencies on which each station is to be operated.

(b) The following order of priority of transmissions shall be observed on all frequencies except frequencies 26.07 MHz, 26.11 MHz, and 26.45 MHz, and frequencies listed in § 74.402(a)(4) and (c)(1):

(1) Communications during an emergency or pending emergency directly related to the safety of life and property.

(2) Program material to be broadcast.

(3) Cues, orders, and other related communications immediately necessary to the accomplishment of a broadcast.

(4) Operational communications.

(5) Tests or drills to check the performance of stand-by or emergency circuits.

[41 FR 29686, July 19, 1976, as amended at 68 FR 12764, Mar. 17, 2003]