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§ 74.461 - Transmitter power.

(a) Transmitter power is the power at the transmitter output terminals and delivered to the antenna, antenna transmission line, or any other impedance-matched, radio frequency load. For the purpose of this Subpart, the transmitter power is the carrier power.

(b) The authorized transmitter power for a remote pickup broadcast station shall be limited to that necessary for satisfactory service and, in any event, shall not be greater than 100 watts, except that a station to be operated aboard an aircraft shall normally be limited to a maximum authorized power of 15 watts. Specific authorization to operate stations on board aircraft with an output power exceeding 15 watts will be issued only upon an adequate engineering showing of need, and of the procedures that will be taken to avoid harmful interference to other licensees.

(Sec. 5, 48 Stat. 1068; 47 U.S.C. 155) [41 FR 29686, July 19, 1976, as amended at 43 FR 14662, Apr. 7, 1978]